I’m done doubting Max Holloway

Max Holloway’s fight against Brian Ortega was the greatest performance by a champion that I have ever seen. It’s not hyperbole I’ve been an MMA fan since 2008 and went back and watched all the events that I missed and Max’s performance is the best one that I’ve seen.

Holloway landed 290 significant strikes in the fight which is now an all-time record for a title bout, that is a mind-blowing number. Holloway landed 307 total strikes in the fight. Max Holloway is already the all-time leader in significant strikes landed. Holloway passed Michael Bisping for 1st place and has 1627 to date. Holloway has a chance to blow that record out of the water with his high volume style.

What’s even crazier is that Ortega absorbed it all and was still willing to fight after being brutalized for four rounds. I had a new level of respect for Brian Ortega after the fight. I mean to go through all that and be like yeah let’s do it some more takes a lot of balls.

While the fight seemed close in the moment it wasn’t at all. If I could use one word to describe Max Holloway it would be suffocating. Holloway never stops and never slows down. He just keeps coming forward and beats you to your knees until the referee steps in.

I bought into the pre-fight hype that Holloway was “off” and didn’t seem like himself, but to be honest, I never heard Holloway talk much and listened to what everyone else said. I really thought Brian had a chance, but in reality, he never did. I thought that Aldo had a chance against him and he beat Aldo down twice. It’s safe to say that I’m done doubting Max Holloway.

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New Low!

Chuck Liddell was Knocked out by Tito Ortiz on Saturday night. The fight took place under the Golden Boy Promotions banner and was the company’s first event.

Liddell fought for the first time in 8 years. Liddell’s last bout occurred on June 10th, 2010 against Rich Franklin. Liddell was forced to retire by UFC President Dana White after the bout. Liddell loss was his third KO loss in a row.

Liddell’s fight against Oritz was utterly depressing. Ortiz looked about the same that he has for the last few years. Tito, while not the ground and pound god from the early 2000s is still capable of looking respectable in a cage. Chuck is no longer the counter punching Gawd from the mid-2000s. This was a fight with two dudes that started fighting in the 90s….the 90s. It went about as well as you would expect it to.

Chuck Liddell looked like a 48-year-old man that hadn’t fought in eight years. It turns out that all those training videos of chuck were he looked slow and bad were him going at full speed. It’ was painfully obvious within the first minute Chuck had nothing for Ortiz and was basically a ghost inside the cage waiting to be knocked out. Tito stormed forward towards the end of the first round and hit Liddell with a straight right hand that knocked Liddell to the canvas and finished him off. It’s ok Chuck, not everyone can be Randy Couture or George Foreman. For the love of god Chuck, Retire!

I kinda felt dirty watching Chuck vs Tito because it was super depressing, but I’m a bloodthirsty fight fan so it was also cool! The fight card was nowhere near worth the $40 price tag. I’d never pay for this garbage #JUSTSTREAMMMA

Deron Winn vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor was the only fight that was worth watching.

Maycee Barber: a little ball of violence

I had no idea who Maycee Barber was before Saturday night. I usually don’t watch women’s MMA except for the high-level stuff or top prospect fights. I’m usually not impressed but Barber had me glued to the tv.

Barber mauled Hannah Ciphers with Tito Ortiz type ground and pound. Barber threw never-ending punches and elbows until the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Ciphers lost and were left in a pool of her own blood. Barber unleashed an American Psyhco type violence we don’t usually see in women’s fighting. Barber threw never-ending punches and elbows until the referee stepped in to stop the fight.

Barber’s standup is still raw but, her ground game is something to behold, Ciphers had no answers for it. The thing that impressed me so much about Barber was that she was in there trying to take Ciphers soul. It was like Barber wanted to beat her ass so bad that Ciphers would never want to fight again. Barber wanted Ciphers to know that she made a huge mistake walking into that cage to fight her. That’s something I can get behind. Maycee is now one of my favorite fighters and I will watch her rise to the top closely.

Barber encapsulates her nickname well “The Future”. Barber is no doubt the future of the strawweight division. Barbers win against Ciphers was her 5th finish in her first 6 fights. Barber wants to fight Mackenzie Dern and I’m for it. Hopefully Dern can make weight, but I have a feeling even if she does, Barber will kick her ass out of the division.

I was speechless

I’ve been watching cage fighting for 10 years and have never seen anything like that matrix level shit Yair Rodriguez pulled off on The Korean Zombie on Saturday at UFC Denver.

Zombie and Rodriguez fought in a fight of the year type scrap. The fight was bloody, it was fast, it was technical, you couldn’t have asked for much more. The cherry on top with the ridiculous knock out finish. Zombie walked down Rodriguez and attempted to throw some punches while overextended, Rodriguez ducked under him and threw his elbow upward and took zombie’s soul, zombie collapsed to the canvas and laid there lifeless. What made this scene even more insane is Rodriguez scored the KO finish in the last second of the fight. It was later revealed that Zombie was going to win the fight because he was up on the scorecards.

It’s been a week and I still can’t believe it. It’s even crazier when you think about how we got to this point. Yair Rodriguez was “released” from the UFC back in May for taking not wanting to take a fight with Zabit Magomedsharipov, that was the story anyway, but the fight was later booked. Rodriguez had to pull out due to injury. Korean Zombie was supposed to face Frankie Edgar, but Edgar was forced to pull out due to injury and Rodriguez became a late fill in. It was a rare instance of a fighter pulling out and his replacement was just as intriguing.

Everyone had Rodriguez pegged for superstardom after KO win against the Ghost of BJ Penn. Rodriguez fought Frankie Edgar a few months later and was completely outclassed lost via doctor stoppage. Rodriguez took a year and a half off. The unorthodox striking of Rodriguez is what makes him so exciting and the knockout of zombie shows you just how dangerous he still is. Rodriguez just turned 26 and I think his best is yet to come. Can you believe UFC wanted to release this dude?

Zombie vs Yair Rodriguez is why I love this sport so much. That fight fucking ruled so much. Sometimes you think you’ve seen it all and Yair Rodriguez is like hold my beer fam and let me throw this ducking upward elbow for a KO finish at the buzzer. This sport never ceases to amaze me.

motivated Cerrone scores an emphatic win

Donald Cerrone scored an emphatic first-round armbar submission on Mike Perry last Saturday. Cerrone badly needed the win after going into the fight with 4 losses in his 5 fights. The losses were tough. Cerrone faced Darren Till, Jorge Masvidal, Robbie Lawler, and Leon Edwards in those losses. That’s why I love Donald, he will fight anybody, he’s like the honeybadger, he doesn’t give a shit. He just goes out there does his thing win or lose. I think the losses were more just stiff competition rather than a decline in skill.

There was a was a lot of drama going into this fight that centered around the JacksonWinkMMA training camp. Cerrone felt like the camp abandoned him and went into serious decline. I would say that we have never seen Donald Cerrone so fired up. I truly don’t think that Cerrone is on the downturn yet. I think half the battle for him is the mental game. I swear sometimes you can just tell when he doesn’t have it. On Saturday he was completely focused on beating Mike Perry and he did it. It just seems like when Donald is on he can accomplish anything. It wouldn’t shock me if rattled of another long winning streak.

Perry’s undoing in the fight was going for an ill-timed takedown that resulted in his demise. Perry is a load of fun to watch and has given us many violent moments inside the cage, but his fight IQ needs to improve if he plans on being a serious contender. Seems like he’s always doing the wrong thing in fights like that takedown that led to the sub.

Cerrone has newfound motivation after the birth of his son and even said in the post-fight interview that it greatly motivated him. Cerrone also called out Conor McGregor. McGregor vs Cerrone would be an amazing fight and I hope we get to see it.

Derrick Lewis never had a chance

Derrick Lewis was submitted by Daniel Cormier at UFC 230 on Saturday night. Derrick Lewis had recently just fought on October 6th. Lewis was making a quick turnaround against one of the greatest fighters the heavyweight division has ever seen.

Lewis’ last fight was against Alexander Volkov. Lewis was losing the fight until last 20 seconds of the third round where he scored a vicious knockout victory. The victory came out of nowhere considering that Lewis had little to no cardio. In the post-fight interview, Lewis said he didn’t want a title shot till his cardio was better, but the UFC came calling a few weeks later and offered a title shot that he wasn’t ready for.

Lewis opponent was one the greatest heavyweight fighters of all-time in Daniel Cormier. Cormier was 14-0 at heavyweight coming into the bought. Cormier executed his gameplan to perfection. Cormier neutralized Lewis’ power by taking him down and submitting him. Lewis basically mounted no offense in his loss and looked lost.

I think this fight was a case of too much too soon. Lewis wasn’t ready for this fight. I think he needs to get in the gym improve his cardio and just train wrestling. Lewis is already a scary fighter, just imagine if he had a little bit better cardio and a little bit of takedown defense to go along with his scary power. I hope we see him improve.




everything was perfect until it wasn’t

Chris Weidman was knocked out for the 4th time in his last 5 fights at UFC 230 on Saturday night. Weidman has taken extreme amounts of damage in his last 5 fights.

It was another classic Weidman fight. Weidman was essentially winning a very close fight and got knocked out just before the fight ended. Weidman’s striking looked as sharp as it ever has. Jacare Souza was throwing haymakers for what seemed like the entire time and for the most part, Weidman was letting a good chunk of them land. Weidman paid dearly for his poor defense. Jacare flatlined him with a few minutes left in the fight that Weidman probably would have won. The worst part was Weidman took about 4 shots after he was knocked out. To Jacare’s credit, he didn’t want to hit Weidman anymore. but the ref didn’t stop it. Weidman is too tough for his own good. Weidman was also up 2 rounds on two of the judge’s scorecards.

As a big fan of Chris Weidman, it’s very hard to watch him these days. It’s hard to think of a precise moment when a fighters career takes a turn for the worst, but an ill-timed spinning back kick against Luke Rockhold at UFC 194 was the end for Weidman. Weidman went on to be viciously grounded out by Rockhold. Then Weidman was knocked out by Yoel Romero and Gegard Mousasi. Weidman got back in the win column against former welterweight Kelvin Gastelum but was rocked very hard in the fight.

I don’t really know where Weidman goes from here. Weidman just came back from a long layoff. Maybe a new camp would do him some good? But at the same time, he’s looked good in his fights he just gets knocked out of now where. Maybe seeing a sports psychologist could help? I really hope that if he comes back he doesn’t get knocked out.