Aaron Pico: Hottest Prospect Since Jon Jones?

Aaron Pico is here to destroy everything you love. Pico absolutely demolished former title contender Leandro Higo at Bellator 209.

It’s not surprising that Pico won, It’s how he won that was so impressive. Pico hit Higo with a barrage of punches that crumpled Higo. Higo is a veteran of over twenty fights and has way more experience than Pico, but it didn’t matter.

Pico is a dedicated body puncher which we haven’t really seen before. Pico already has two knockouts by body punches. When Pico punches you in the liver….its over.

Pico most famously lost his debut to Zach Freeman at Bellator 180. Pico has rebounded with 4 straight knockout wins.

The thing about Pico is that he is here to take what he thinks is his and that is the Bellator title from Patricio Pitbull. They had post-fight words that weren’t kind. Giving Pico a title shot at this point would be ludicrous and I hope that Bellator takes care of him and brings him along slowly. Pico only has 5 fights to his name and shouldn’t be fighting for the title anytime soon.

Pico is a decorated wrestler and his striking game is catching up to his wrestling which is scary. Pico is a megastar in waiting and the hottest prospect in MMA since Jon Jones? It’s hard to think of a fight that was this good this early into their career.



Author: generogersmma

I like cage fighting.

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