TyRoN WoOdLeY iS BoRiNg

If you think Tyron Woodley is boring you can fuck right off. Woodley is the most successful welterweight champion since Georges St. Pierre and that’s a fact. Woodley has the most title defenses of fighters that have held the title after St.Pierre’s reign.

Woodley showed on Saturday how great he is by dominating rising prospect Darren Till. Woodley was hit one time and landed 131 punches on till before submitting him. Till offered little to no resistance during the fight.

Woodley was awarded black belt status in Brazilian jiu-jitsu by his coach Din Thomas after the submission win.

The narrative on Woodley is that he’s a “boring” fighter. I don’t get why people say that. Woodley starched Robbie Lawler to win the title. Woodley’s next fight was a fight of the night draw to Stephen Thomspon. I will admit the rematch was a bit of stinker. The most impressive Woodley fight to me was against Demian Maia…he only thwarted all 21 takedown attempts…with an injured soldier. Woodley probably could have finished that fight, but at the same time what if he tried, and blew his wad and got subbed? What’s the point of taking the risk.

In some ways, Woodley reminds me a lot of GSP. Great athlete, explosive, clam, calculated, controlled. Like St. Pierre, Woodley isn’t risk-averse, but he doesn’t go in for the kill unless he knows he’s going to get it. Woodley is also a great wrestler, probably the best in the division just like St. Pierre. It’s hard to see anyone beating Woodley for a while. Woodley has a serious shot at being just as great

The boring talk is getting old especially when Woodley is constantly stepping up and defending the belt better than anyone else has in recent memory. Woodley is becoming an all-time great before our eyes and if you can’t see that you’re dumb or biased or both.


Author: generogersmma

I like cage fighting.

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