Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell agree to trilogy fight

You ever go out for pizza and maybe eat one or two more pieces that you probably shouldn’t have? This is kinda like that. Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz agreed to a trilogy fight for Golden Boy Promotions. The fight was shopped to Bellator and UFC, but for obvious reasons, they weren’t interested. Golden Boy is one of the biggest boxing promotions but is totally unproven in MMA. Liddell vs Ortiz III will be featured on MMA only PPV.

This fight is kinda like that pizza I was talking we didn’t really want it, but we’re all gonna watch it anyway. The fight has been talked about for almost a decade but never happened. Most famously the fight was supposed to happen after one of the 900,000 seasons of tough but didn’t because Ortiz needed neck surgery.

This is a trilogy fight that we don’t need but is happening anyway. Liddell and Ortiz have fought twice before and both fights weren’t close. The first fight took place at UFC 47 and ended with Liddell getting the TKO after Ortiz crumbled to the mat after a ferocious barrage of punches from Liddell.  Ortiz was outclassed in the second fight at UFC 66 and was virtually”on the ropes” the whole time. Liddell finished him in the third round. Maybe Tito just likes getting his ass kicked by Chuck Liddell?

There are a few reasons I think this fight is happening. The first reason is that I think that Tito thinks that he thinks he can win the fight. Tito doesn’t need this fight and or the payday that will come along with it. I think Tito knows in his heart that he can beat Chuck and maybe after Chuck’s chin turned to glass maybe that could happen. From Chuck’s perspective, this is an easy payday. It’s like “Hey Chuck! wanna beat this dudes ass for the third time? it’s basically free money. There is also speculation that Chuck really needs the payday after losing his job with UFC about two years ago. It’ seems as though Tito was smart with his money and wants a Third crack at a Chuck Liddell that has a glass chic and hasn’t fought since 2010

Like I wrote earlier Chuck hasn’t fought since 2010 and is coming off of the 3 straight knockout losses. Ortiz has enjoyed a career renaissance in Bellator with wins over Stephan Bonnar,  Alexander Shlemenko, and Chael Sonnen. Nobody was asking for this fight, but I’m excited to watch it. There’s just something about two legends getting in the cage and slugging it out looking for that last win that’s just kind of poetic I guess. It will be interesting to see how golden boy handles promoting the card since this will be the first MMA event they have ever done.


Author: generogersmma

I like cage fighting.

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