Chuck Liddell Announces Return to Fighting

Chuck Liddell has a deathwish. Chuck Liddell was a guest on The MMA Hour and said that he wanted to fight Jon “Bones” Jones after a couple of warm-up fights. Chuck, stop! I highly doubt that Liddell could have given Jones a good fight even if he was in his prime, let alone pushing 50 years of age after an 8-year layoff. “Prime” Chuck Liddell got beaten down by Rampage in Pride so bad that his corner threw in the towel. Rampage was one of the best fighters of his era but, didn’t possess nearly as many weapons as Jon Jones.

Liddell hasn’t fought in 8 years because his chin turned to glass. Liddell’s violent KO loss to Rashad Evans in August 2008 basically broke him.  Liddell lost his last 3 fights by knockout. Liddell opponents were Rashad Evans, Shogun Rua, and Rich Franklin. Liddell hasn’t fought since July of 2010.

I have no issues with Liddell wanting to return to fighting. I think Chuck should fight guys like Tito, Rampage, and Wanderlei Silva, kind of like a senior circuit deal. I don’t think a fight with Jon Jones would be his best course of action and would result in a severe amount of brain damage. There have been rumors of a third Liddell/Ortiz fight for years. Oscar De La Hoya is rumored to be putting the fight together.

Fighters still think they have “it” even when they don’t anymore. That’s the thing about the fight game, it takes everything from you and even when you have nothing left it still finds a way to make you pay, that’s how it is.  Chuck wants to go out on his shield, let him. I’ll be watching




Author: generogersmma

I like cage fighting.

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