Mackenzie Dern: As Advertised

Mackenzie Dern made her UFC debut this past Saturday at UFC 222. Dern is a well-decorated grappler in the world of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Dern came into the event with a lot of hype behind her name. Dern looked about as good as expected for a 5-0 fighter to look. Dern’s striking still needs a lot of work. Dern rushed in a lot with straight up in the air and made other tactical mistakes, but once the fight went to the ground you saw why everyone was excited about Dern’s debut.

Dern fought a more than capable opponent in Ashley Yoder (7-3). The first two rounds of the fight left a lot to be desired and make you wonder why Dern was so highly touted. Once the third round came around and Dern was finally able to get the fight to the ground we were all able to see the massive to the potential that dern possesses. Dern won the fight by split decision

It will be interesting to see how the UFC uses Dern in the future. You would think that the UFC wouldn’t rush Dern like they did with Sage Northcutt, but you never really know in this sport and Dern could be thrown to the wolves with a drop of a hat. Dern is still very green to the sport and made her pro debut in July of 2016.



Author: generogersmma

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