Thiago Alves was Never the Same

There was something about Thiago Alves KO loss to Curtis Millender that stuck with me on Sunday night. I kept thinking about how Alves was such a monster back in the day. Alves looked like a real threat to the welterweight title. Alves had some of the most vicious leg kicks in any division in MMA history with quick hand speed to back it up.

Thiago Alves is on the back end of this fighting career now and has been for some time. Every time I see that Thiago has booked a fight I think that maybe we will see that guy that stormed his way to a title shot against in George St. Pierre in July on of 2009.

Thiago Alves fighting career died the night he lost to George St. Pierre. Alves was never the same after that fight. including the fight with St.Pierre, Alves ins 5-7 since 2009.

There wasn’t much to write about during the St.Pierre fight. It was just George shooting the power double and Alves going down every single time. To Thiago’s credit, I don’t think anyone in the world would have beat George on that hot July night in 2009.

The fight game just like the fight with St. Pierre wore down Alves. It wears down everyone, no one is immune. Thiago was never the same after the fight. Losses to Martin Kampmann and Carlos Condit added to the career spiral. Injuries played a big role in multiple fight pullouts. Alves even ended having to get emergency brain surgery at one point. Alves also had issues with weight cutting.

Thiago Alves from 2006 to 2008 was one of the best fighters on the planet. Alves went 8-1 in a three-year stretch. Alves list of wins included Matt Hughes, Karo Parysian, Chris Lytle, and Josh Koscheck. Seven of his wins were by TKO, KO, or doctor stoppage.

It’s hard to watch Thiago these days. he’s a shell of the fighter that he used to be. I just hope that maybe after this loss he will consider retiring.



Author: generogersmma

I like cage fighting.

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