Heather Hardy Needs Time

I sat on my couch in disgust watching Hardy fight Ana Julaton. To the say the fight that they had was sloppy and bad would have been a huge understatement. This fight was the epitome of why I don’t like 99% of women’s MMA. Now you’re probably why this such a big deal right? This fight was on the main card of a cable-televised show, it had no reason to be. I understand why Bellator would want to put Hardy in the spotlight. Hardy is charismatic and likable and has one of the most unique stories you will find in MMA. Hardy is new to MMA after finding success in the boxing world as a world champion. There is so much more for Heather to learn and it should be done on the undercard of Bellator events. Throwing Hardy on to the main card and having her perform the way she did isn’t good business and could potentially harm her career. When a casual fight fan turns on the Paramount Network and sees what they saw on Friday night they aren’t likely to stick around or even come back. I think Bellator needs to be more careful about the way they have handled her. Bellator has a Major star on their hands if they allow hard to slowly improve her game.



Author: generogersmma

I like cage fighting.

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